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New District 50

Many people do not know that as a result of the census, Indiana has redistricted its seats for all House races. Because of redistricting, Wabash County is no longer a part of District 18. District 18 has been removed from our area and moved up north. We have been absorbed into District 50, which was predominantly Huntington County, before redistricting. It also included areas of Wells and Allen counties.

Because of redistricting, our Representatives have changed as well. Craig Snow was moved north into District 22, running against Curt Nisly. District 18 inherited District 50's 20-year incumbent Dan Leonard, from Huntington.

The new District 50 is now made up of all of Huntington County and all of Wabash County, except Pleasant Township, which is District 22. Jackson township in Miami County, which is the Amboy/Converse area and Jackson Township in Wells County are also now in District 50.

Finding new maps anywhere is near impossible, and many people are completely unaware of the changes. So, I have included the new map of District 50.

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