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It's Time to Vote

Tomorrow is the big day! Many months of hard work, sacrifice, and money raising have gone into the Sweet 4 Indiana Campaign. Nothing can prepare you for the challenge of running for a state office. It has been the hardest and most rewarding challenge of my life! It was never an aspiration of mine to run for office and in no way was it something to be strived for and achieved. Running for office was simply an act of obedience. I felt compelled after years of watching the rapid decline of morality, the blatant disregard of our Constitution, and the lack of strong, conservative leadership in our government in addressing these issues.

Before beginning this race for the State House, I pledged to keep this a campaign based on facts. I solely focused on the vote history and campaign donors of my opponent. Personally, I didn't know the man, and I don't believe in character attacks, even if I did. I cited every vote, every donor, and every piece of information I presented. Though the establishment likes to claim that procedural votes and amendments are not important, they are a part of the process that makes a final piece of legislation into a law. If these votes were not important, they would not be part of the process. The problem for them, is that exposed true motives and consistent patterns in their process of making law and it doesn't paint them in a very pretty light. Sending bills to committee die, is just another way to hide their true agendas.

Unfortunately, my opponent chose to run his campaign in a different manner, but that is on him. He had out of state people call all county offices to try to dig up dirt on me and came up empty. My reputation was good and my record clean. Just as I feared, they chose to go dirty anyway. As referenced in an earlier post, they tried to attack my record on council, but had to twist the truth and leave out pertinent information to make it sound sinister. It's ok. I just exposed the truth and moved on with my campaign. When you see a pile of poo in your path, you can either step in it and get dirty, or you can clean it up and go on your merry way. I chose the latter.

Along this journey, I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful people. I personally knocked on thousands of doors since the beginning of January. I knocked in rain, sleet, snow, below freezing temps, lots of mud, and an extremely unforgiving wind. In that, process, I heard stories from the people at the doors. I received unexpected visits, letters in the mail, emails, and phone calls. Being my own campaign manager, I personally took the time and addressed each one, when able. Time after time, I heard, "I called...I emailed...I met with...and nothing happened." It solidified my initial assumption, our representative was disconnected and no longer listening to the voice of the people. The simple act of listening, asking questions, and truly caring about these people and their stories gave me even more motivation to keep knocking those doors and keep working hard.

Throughout the campaign, strangers have become friends. Some people who were there in the beginning faded and new people stepped up to help. Then others have been steadfast throughout the whole journey. All of them have been a blessing and a huge help. There's no way I could have persevered the last four months without the prayers and support of an army of people who have rallied around me and the common cause of upholding the Constitution, standing for life, fighting for our liberties, paring down the government overreach, and just doing what is right, even if it's not popular. It's hope and it's catching!

If you haven't voted yet, tomorrow is the day. To some, the primary is not worth voting in, but I say, "This year, the power is in the primary!" So, get to the polls! Our future depends on it! There are two clearly different choices in this race for District 50. One is a 20-year politician, who has lost touch with the voters and is bought by the establishment rulers, complete with hundreds of thousands of dollars of their campaign contributions tied with strings. The other choice is a small business owner, wife, and mom, who is tired of seeing our state follow in the footsteps of the disaster we call the federal government and who is only beholden to the voters. It would be my honor to represent you and your values at the State House.

To those that have been with me from the beginning to those who have found me along the way and jumped on board, THANK YOU! I'm running for you and your future generations.

And to all the others who have been snooping on my page for the last several months on behalf of my opponent, trying to find out what I've been up to and if there's any dirt you can find, welcome. Yes, I can see when you are on here. Just remember when I get elected, you will have just wasted a half a million dollars on a campaign against little ole me!

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