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Biography of Lorissa Sweet

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, and business owner

Lorissa Sweet is a 1997 graduate of Maconaquah High School and a 2001 graduate of Purdue University. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Agribusiness.

After graduation, Lorissa worked several years in the veterinary industry. In 2009 she opened “Sweet Grooms” out of her home, to be more available for her family.

In 2021, she started another new business called “Sweet Occasions, LLC,” a wedding trailer/ décor rental business.

In 2015, Lorissa felt called to become involved in politics. Worried about the direction the country was headed, and wanting to do something for the sake of her children and future generations, she began educating herself on different offices and learning political processes.

In January of 2016, Sweet filed her candidacy for Wabash County Council at Large, Precinct Committeeman, and Republican State Delegate. She spent the next several months knocking on doors and meeting the voters, and in May of 2016, winning all three positions on the primary ballot. She is now in her second term serving on the Wabash County Council.

The past year’s unconstitutional edicts, mandates, and shut-downs have especially hurt small businesses, including her own. These and other important liberty issues have steered Sweet to run for State Representative.

As a member of Bachelor Creek Church of Christ, she is involved in the women’s ministry, helping with women’s events, decorating, and leading Bible studies. Together with her husband, Jeremy, they lead a small group and volunteer for summer youth programs.

They also serve on the Secretariat for Brethren Way of Christ and Faith Quest, which are weekend spiritual retreats for adults and teens. Jeremy and Lorissa have been married for twenty years and have two daughters.

Sweet says it is her core values of faith, family, and freedom that are driving her to run and what she is fighting for.
“I don’t feel like these values have been represented at the State House recently, especially in the last year. My children and future grandchildren deserve better.”

Friends of Lorissa Sweet
PO Box 197
Somerset, IN 46984

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